The self-incrimination, surviving self-esteem, & genuine appreciation of life that is woven through all the lyrical lines & music are an artistic time capsule & one that should be opened again & again."

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Less Than Perfect For This World by Jen Bye

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Less Than Perfect For This World
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Less Than Perfect For This World by Jen Bye

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"jen bye"
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jen bye
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Higher by jen bye

The magic fairies came through! "Higher (The Morris & Young Sessions Vol. I)" is now live on CDBaby for $9.99... Please check it out!

The third solo release following up "Less Than Perfect For This World" and "jen bye", "Higher" represents a first time collaboration with friends and songwriters Wenty Morris & D.A. Young.


As always, peace & mysteries...

Thank you for dropping by! Next show is Saturday Oct 12 2013 at the beautiful D Gallery in Lake Arrowhead. Show is from 3-6pm and always free! Featuring a special debut performance by "Steam Masheen", a unique a capella group.

D Gallery is located in the Lake Arrowhead Village
28200 Highway 189 Suite T-210,
Lake Arrowhead, California 92352

Next show is Saturday May 11 2013 at the beautiful D Gallery in Lake Arrowhead. Show is from 3-6pm!

D Gallery is located in the Lake Arrowhead Village
28200 Highway 189 Suite T-210,
Lake Arrowhead, California 92352

As always, peace & mysteries...

D Gallery
28200 Highway 189 Suite T-210,
Lake Arrowhead, California 92352

As always, peace & mysteries...

Coming up Saturday July 14, I will be playing live in beautiful Lake Arrowhead at one of my favorite spots, The D-Gallery from 3pm-6pm. Free show, art, complimentary wine, home brewed beer & appetizers. Come enjoy the mountain!

D Gallery
28200 Highway 189 Suite T-210,
Lake Arrowhead, California 92352

Please also save the date for Saturday October 13, 2012! Details to come...

As always, peace & mysteries...

May 16, 2012:
This just in, jen's song 'Arse' is the #1 Editor's Pick and 'Invincible is #6 currently on! Earbuzz supports independent artists like myself, so pop on over for a visit.

As always, peace & mysteries... review, August 2007:

Jen Bye's lucky 13 tracked CD, "Less than Perfect for this World" launches into "Heaven", and immediately establishes the musical genre as alternative/pop/punk professionally produced, poetically written, and sung/arranged with a touch of influence from Vega and Colvin. Her vocal arrangements are musical and compelling - and the highlight of many of the tracks as the timbre of her voice cuts through and is mixed with tremendous presence and power. She sings, 'I haven't been to heaven in years and it hasn't been the same since'.

We hear thousands of songs and CDs and it's rare to come across as compelling an album that demands as much time to listen. This is a complete work - with a satisfying and substantial window into Bye's artistry and attitudes. The self-incrimination, surviving self-esteem, and genuine appreciation of life that is woven through all the lyrical lines and music is an artistic time capsule and one that should be opened again and again.

Track 2, "Invincible", is an artistic and compelling confessional of the dysfunctional life she survived through her own esteem as invincible, as Bye writes, 'they tell me that I need a shrink, when all I really need is a stiff drink, and no one can read my mind cause my own thoughts confuse me all the time. . I know I can be a bitch but most of what I say is a load of shit."

Track 3, "Arse", is a punk/angst filled gem with a guitar sound that we drool over. Jen sings, 'he only wants me and I only want him for his piece of ass' as Bye turns the gender cliché table around in straight-ahead rock/punk fashion.

Tremendous production - listen to the drums and introduction to track 5, "Caught Up in Between", the snare, if it's ok to notice these things, is recorded perfectly. .we love the snare. The tune itself has another cool vocal arrangement in the chorus - and the musical highlight is the slightly psychotic crybaby lead guitar. Bye uses some musical dissonance with finesse to make a point of how 'I think about you every time'.

Track 6 is a poetic and beautiful dedication to a former relationship with memorable chorus, vocal choices, and line, 'I miss you more in Mexico, then I ever do back home, I miss you more in Mexico, cause its safer here to shed my tears cause you can't see me cry'.

Track 8, "Lollipops and Candy Canes" makes depression sound fun as Bye sings repeatedly how she's so depressed, panned left, then right, and you're so depressed. .and 'de doot doot doot'. The point being, even though the good 'ol days are gone and missed, it's ok. .de doot doot doot.

The following track is a brooding western sounding musical departure from the rest of the record. "Desert Man" is a crushing emotionally charged story of searching and discovery, 'take me down to the water's edge so I can be naked in the sun. . I’ll dive in and hold my breath'.

Track 10, "Necessary Evil", is chaos and musical exploration that combines psychotic passages and sweet sugary keyboards and lyric lines - the most ambitious on the CD.

Almost like a religious hymn Bye starts her dedication to the city of 'San Francisco' with majestic piano lines ala Elton. 'I can feel the current in my blood, and San Francisco is calling me back home'. Gorgeous with pure value of a sincere love for the town, void of all the angst that occupies most of the record.

The final track is a sweet song 'Birds of Paradise' dedicated to Heather and ends with the kindest of treats, a child's phone greeting on a voice mail, 'leave a mystery, peace out'.

As always, peace & mysteries...

The end of summer is upon us and the beautiful fall is coming. Start autumn off right with some live music surrounded by original art and a lake view!

Where: D-Gallery in the beautiful Lake Arrowhead Village
When: Saturday Oct 8, 2011 from 3-6 pm

Save the date!

Lake Arrowhead Village is located at
28200 California 189
Lake Arrowhead, CA 92321

As always, peace & mysteries...

image"Anyone" hits #1 on Rock chart
May 7, 2010
Wow, even on a bit of a haitus, the songs are getting frequent "spins" online at Independent Artists Company.

"Anyone" rose quickly to #1 in it's genre and #11 in all genres! Not that it couldn't get any better, "Mexico" is holding at #4 on the Pop chart and #50 overall. "San Francisco" sits at #6 in Blues.

"Dirty Secret", an oldie but goodie, is still holding in the top 50 in Alternative Pop for almost 2 years!!

Save the date!

Lake Arrowhead Village is located at
28200 California 189
Lake Arrowhead, CA 92321

As always, peace & mysteries...

As always, peace & mysteries...

KIAC Chart History:

Feb 26, 2008: "Mexico" at #29
In week number 4, "Mexico" creeps from 31 to 29 on the KIAC Big 50. Baby steps!

Feb 19, 2008: "Mexico" moves to #31 on the KIAC Big 50
Now in it's third week, "Mexico" moved up another 5 slots to 31 on the KIAC Big 50.

Feb 11, 2008: "Mexico" jumps to #36 on KIAC Big 50
For 8 weeks, "Heaven" held it's ground on the Big 50. Starting at 46 moving up to 19. After finally dropping out, "Mexico" jumped in! Now in it's second week ranking at 36.

Dec 11, 2007: "Heaven" sits at #22 on KAIC's Big 50 Hitlist
Now in week 7, "Heaven" has proven to have a little staying power and is holding strong at 22.

Dec 4, 2007: "Heaven" reaches #24 on KIAC Big 50
For 6 consecutive weeks, "Heaven" keeps rising!

Nov 14,2007: "Heaven" #36 on KIAC Big 50
Four weeks and holding...

Oct 29, 2007: "Heaven" makes the KIAC Big 50 chart at #46
First time for this track!

Oct 10, 2007: "Invincible" moves up to #46 on the KIAC Big 50

Sept 30, 2007: "Invincible" officially enters the KIAC Big 50

As always, peace & mysteries...

imageMusic Worth Buying - One you might have missed - Jen Bye
November 12, 2008 in Music thoughts | Tags: , , , , , , ,

Artist: Jen Bye
Album: Jen Bye 
Worth Buying: Yes the whole album

You will be interested in this album if you like: Alanis Morrisette, Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, Liz Phair

Tell me more: Jen Bye is an LA based independent artist and this is her self titled debut from 2002. It’s only 6 tracks, but it is 6 GREAT tracks. And to be honest, I would rather hear a short album with outstanding tracks then a longer album with a lot of medicore filler that I would just  delete from my player anyways. The album opens with an excerpt of an angry and impassioned preacher warning his listeners about the evils or Rock’n'Roll. This clip is clearly taken from the 1950’s, as no modern preacher would say anything like this today. It might seem out of context with a modern album, but it seemed to lead perfectly into the album’s opening number Bloody Fingers with it’s defiant lyrics of youthfull rebellion and chorus of “Maybe your Jesus will come for you”.

Stylisticly Jen’s music has the ethereal and surreal quality you would associate with Fiona Apple, but with the aggression of a woman who wants to Rock. Even a slower tempo song like Take Me As I Am feels like it’s on the verge of exploding into the heavy guitar arena (The song never does though, which adds to it’s power). In fact, only the song Drinks With Jezabel actually has that delicate, lilting, softer sound that one would associate with some of the female artists that I have already mentioned . 

What about the packaging? This album is no longer available on CD but Listen to samples and purchase in mp3 format here

What if I am not ready to buy the whole album? Hey El Cheapo, It’s only $5.94 on Amazon. But If I could pick only one song it would be the opening track Bloody Fingers.

Original Neo Classic Rock

As always, peace & mysteries...

image“Tomorrow” nominated for the 2008 IAIA Golden Kayak Awards!
March 29, 2008

Tomorrow” has been nominated for Best Alternative Pop Rock Song in the 2008 Independent Artists Company’s Golden Kayak Awards! Not only that, “Invincible” is ranked @ #11 the Alternative Pop Rock genre with “Dirty Secret” a ways back but holding on @ #64.

The IAIA (International Academy of Independent Artists) is a group of artists (IAC Prime Supporters) who nominate and vote for their peers, to recognize musical excellence in the past year. Click here to view the list of nominees.

On April 6th, there will be a broadcast to announce the winners. “the kayak represents the journey of the indie one artist navigating down the river towards destiny”


imageDanny Bonaduce, scary stage parents, their spoiled brats and Jen’s music. All this only on VH1.
March 24, 2008

Ah yes, reality TV keeps keepin’ on. The upside you ask? VH1 licensed 4 of my tracks for the new show “I Know My Kid’s A Star” which premiered Thursday, March 20, 2008. Hosted by Danny Bonaduce in search of Hollywood’s next child star, it’s full of lots of drama, fighting, crying, vomiting, tantrums and even some F-bombs. And that is only the parents! So if you’re a reality show junkie (you know who you are...Cari...) or just morbidly curious, don’t be afraid to tune in or set your DVR. Click to watch the promo & hear “Heaven” during a sentimental moment...

As always, peace & mysteries...

imageFeb. 12, 2008
Indie Music Review:
Jen Bye: "Less Than Perfect For This World" by Gael Digital Media

I approved a comment for one of my posts the other day, while I needed a break in editing a video, I was working on. I was really kind of surprised, I’m going to say right up front, I love Jen Bye’s music and yes, I’d classify myself as a fan of her work. I’ve seen her perform live on many occasions and whenever, I have to go across the desert to California I make a point of going to see her perform. Yes, I have scheduled meetings based on when Jen and other indie artists that I enjoy are performing, in what ever city my meetings take me to.

In my post I was made a point of two wildly different extremes. Signing Paris Hilton to a recording contract and signing Jen Bye to a recoding contract. Read the original post here, I’m just glad Jen took my comparison in the spirit it was intended and found it amusing. So, much so she posted it to her my space blog page. I’ll make no secret that I’m a huge fan of real indie music. I even go out of my way to promote indie music and artists to the point of giving my CD’s to friends and businesses contacts that like the music from the artist, I just go and purchase the CDs again while at a show or from I’ve lost count on how many copies of Jen’s CDs I’ve given away over the past few years. Right now in fact I have to buy another copy of Jen’s new CD “Less Than Perfect For This World”, I gave my copy to a friend that fell in love with it, after listening to it, while it was playing in my office. I enjoy spreading my love of indie music far and wide and to everyone that listens.

A truly incredible talented writer, singer and artist, is the best way to describe Jen Bye. Her music is fresh, real and performed with passion. The tracks of her CDs are clean, well mixed, they retrain an energy that is reflected in Jen’s live performances. I don’t believing in comparisons that one artist is like another, has each artists is different and what I might get from it you may get something different from it. Like comparing Andy Warhol to Monet. While both are famous artists with many classic works. Jen and her music is more akin to Monet then Andy Warhol. I think Claude Oscar Monet would enjoy the comparison and agree as much as some of you will, no doubt.

Jen Bye’s new CD “Less Than Perfect For This World” is a refreshing breath of artistically passion that weave a journey through Jen’s soul and passions. Listening to the tracks on the CD is a journey that might show you something about yourself. As for the appeal of Jen’s music, you’d be pleased to know that Jen attracts music lovers of all ages and her shows are a tribute to her wide appeal. I’ve had friends that I’ve given her CDs to tell me, that their kids fond the CD listen to it and then put Jen’s music tracks on there iPods. Most people that have fallen in love with Jen’s music from a CD that I’ve past along may never get the opportunity to see Jen perform in person but, they do become enlightened to the world of indie music in a very real and amazing way.

While you’re picking up “Less Than Perfect For This World” don’t forget to grab a copy of her first disc “Jen Bye”. As an independent artist buying Jen’s CDs and going to see her show supports Jen and doesn’t go to support the profits of the multinational Record Labels that squeeze the artists to enhance their bottom line.

Learn more about Jen Bye and her music at

As always, peace & mysteries...

imageFeb. 12, 2008
Apple, Tesco 'most to blame' for Music Biz Crisis?

by Gael Digital Media

Apple, Tesco 'most to blame' for Music Biz Crisis? by Gael Digital Media In an story reported on The Register's website (read it here) the writer's story is on a report by consultants Capgemini for the Value Recognition Strategy working group. While the report has not been made public, the writer Andrew Orlowski conjectures that the report suggest that Apple and Tesco and not P2P file sharing pirates are to blame for the woes of the music industry in Britain (which is mirroring the rest of the world).

The music industry World Wide is having a sales and profit crisis. The sliding sales are not a result of unbundling tracks from albums, which Apple was not the first to do with iTunes as Andrew Orlowski reports, the by track model was first done by the Napster store which opened before iTunes. The author of the piece would have us believe that Apple did this with iTunes first. Intresting that the author of the report sighted by Andrew Orlowski doesn't take into account changes and consolidation in music industry itself and the decline of the retail music store caused by the music industry's attempt to control what the stores sold and marketed. These two factors alone currently share most of the blame, as does the fact, in a lesser portion, that the music buying public is tired of being force fed a diet of music celebrity BS while, real talent is often left to self promote, self publish and self release.

The so called, Indie Labels use to be an outlet for great talent, today most of these Indie Labels are just churning out the same low budget, no talent crap that the Major Labels are churning out. I'm not saying that their are no, talented artists signed to Indie or Major Labels, there are some great Recording Artists signed to a label. The problem is all about ROI (return on investment) for all the labels big and small that are not 100% releasing artist owned. We'll look a two Recoding Artists, the first is Paris Hilton, the second is Jen Bye. You are a record label (indie or major). You can sign only one new recording artist from the choices presented. Paris Hilton has no experience and no real talent, Jen Bye has lots of experience and is a excellent musician, singer and song writer. Well the ROI is simple you'd sign Paris Hilton because she is a known celebrity with instant celebrity status, an instant name. Which translates to a much higher ROI. Jen Bye while a great talent has a much lower ROI. Jen is not a celebrity and few people outside her fans know who she is or would connect her to anything celebrity related. With Jen, it would cost the record label much more money to promote her recordings then it does to promote a celebrity that can generate press for months by showing up some place and flashing a bit of crusty well used crotch.

A recording label is a record label (even so called Indie labels) if it not 100% owned by the artist(s) who's recording are released by that label. Sticking the term Indie in front of it, does not make the recording label any less of an artist rip-off machine. The indie label artist contracts are no less gouging to the recording artists then a major labels' contracts. In fact, in most cases indie labels rip-off and gouge the recording artists more then the major labels do.

The Internet is really starting to slowly shift the balance for music buying and the way music is marketed and who and how it's marketed too. Radio Head aside the fact is the you can be a fully independent recording artist and still find fans all over the world to market your music too. As digital media content improves in quality more of the digital content will be focuses on the independent artists. There are already a number of Internet delivered digital media programs (podcasts) that feature and focus on independent recording artists such as "Not MTV" and "Dinner with the Band" as their are many more independent artists then there are signed artists the seeds are being sewn for many more digital media programs that do nothing but, focus on independent recording artists. Digital media content providers like Revision 3 and On Networks are currently the ones to watch in this regard. As video based digital media delivered over the internet takes off expect independent artists to get much, much more exposure. As this happens all recording labels will have to change their business models to keep from becoming a real dinosaur. A music labels currently need all the retailers they can get physical and virtual to slow the erosion of music sales. They also need to be focused on listening to their customer. Ringles and Flash drive based music singles and albums are flash in the pan failures. Kids don't want gimmicks they want instant, cheap, easy to access, high quality, DRM free, and they only what to buy the tracks they like. If the music labels can't deliver it, they will get it elsewhere on the internet.

This entry was posted on October 19, 2007 at 11:14 am and is filed under Digital Media, Pod Casting and iPod. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

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image"Less Than Perfect Review by the MusicManor
January 2, 2008
Written by Greg Debonne,

Taking five years to figure out who you are before presenting yourself to the world can be a good thing, especially if the goal is to offer the truest essence of yourself. With Less Than Perfect For This World, Los Angeles based recording artist Jen Bye discovers there are still sadnesses to overcome, recriminations to redress, and memories to resign. Five years isn’t enough time; and the desire for perfection is a sanctified endeavor that lasts forever. Yet the woman with a dangerous heart succeeds in making herself better; and all of her imperfections become poignant reflections on this well crafted record of songs that goes for beautiful songwriting over shock value or a falsified image of what a female Rock ‘n Roll artist is.

Opening Bye’s full length debut is “Heaven,” a song that shows not all has been black and white in this artist’s life nor in herself as a person. It’s not without irony that Bye can be broken as much as she can hurt somebody else. “And everything you said filled up my crazy little head; and I hung on to every breath. I fell so hard beside you in my bed” is the same girl who as a woman turns to confess her self-imposed lack of vulnerability from the past; a brittle armor dissolving into dust that never shielded her from much anyway. “And I’d do anything to cleanse you of my sting; and I will turn around and leave if you’d be better off without me.

Less Than Perfect For This World traverses between hard core sensuality, self effacing doubt, and the disintegration of past hurts so profoundly felt by the listener only because Bye chooses to peel back the layers covering her soul, revealing bruises healed by time and a sense of grace that comes with age and personal evolution. What makes Bye’s new record powerful are the places she takes the listener; places of different vantage points from which and within the audience can feel the songs. Sometimes you’re taken back into the past as though it’s in the thick of a painful present. Sometimes the feeling is retrospective like an old faded photograph in the mind that never seems to fully decay. All of it’s real and none of it is.

If Less Than Perfect For This World is the expression of a woman who lost herself and grabbed 99% of her spirit back to turn it into songs of a different kind, the other 1% Bye has yet to find shows itself as a detour in “Arse,” a slight regression back to an image that’s more in line with who this artist may have been, creatively, at one point, but is thrown into the mix of Less Than Perfect For This World not so much as an indication of what’s still less than perfect, but rather as a shameless, personal acknowledgment that who you were or even who you pretended to be is as much a direct line to who you are now as what the potential is for you to be in the future. Where “Arse” is dirty and driving, where it’s a diversion on a boulevard of brazen sexuality, justifying its self-demeaning pleasure in a reversal of pussy power that’s perceived more for emotional preservation than what’s true in actuality, the rest of the songs on Less Than Perfect For This World are picturesque narratives that sometimes play like individually short movies, threading together all the less than perfect fractures of living. You’re the person who watches with your ears; or you’re the person who’s experiential. Which one you are depends on the song. Sometimes you’re both. The songs are Jen Bye’s, but they’re every bit the listener’s songs as well. They’re right for a world that’s less than perfect and, by extension, right for all the people who are less than perfect for it.

Songs such as “Anyone,” and “Mexico” are two very different reels with an underlying, albeit maybe distant connection to one another in that they represent abstract stages of finding relevance and realness in the world. Some of those stages are beset by confusion, sadness, even deterioration. Going through them is prettier than the hell of looking for what’s lost and never coming back. Even then, sometimes the surroundings have lost themselves. What remains is a shell of the vitality that once permeated the air and brought everything to life; or as Bye sings on “San Francisco,” “Now I’m not trying to run away. There’s just nothing left to make me stay. There’s too many demons and too many years.”

Bye isn’t without sentimentality as evidenced in her songs. The material is interwoven with sorrow and regret at regular intervals. As developed in an emotional sense as the record is, as ripe for a brighter tomorrow as Bye seems to be, Less Than Perfect For This World won’t take away the feeling inside. In fact, the effect is the opposite, regardless of whatever that feeling may have been at one time or even what it is now. Yet Bye’s delivery exudes a certain acceptance and strength of character that eases the pain. A combination of hurt and frustration that finds its way to a bittersweet light, Less Than Perfect For This World is the record of an artist who’s found herself, not that of a 20-something woman searching for an identity.

Production-wise, Bye’s debut is an exercise in less is more. Casually wrought, it’s not, but the effect is natural. There are spaces in between the elements with excellent separation in the mix. Overall, the ambience is open, not constrictive or deadened. Less Than Perfect For This World is fully produced without being overproduced. By the same token, the instrumentation and production ambience can shift from track to track in a focused conception of each song’s story without breaking up the continuity of the record. All of it’s done without cheap flavor-of-the-month production tricks nor self indulgent arrangements.. Rather, in large part, this fine debut relies more on interlocking acoustic and electric guitars of various tones, some fine piano parts of simplicity, drums and bass that serve the songs and, most notably, soulful vocal performances.

Less Than Perfect For This World may not expand beyond main genre lines, but neither is it monochromatic in style, either. Less Than Perfect For This World is a pop/rock record in essence. Just as pop/rock is a generalized header under which different sub-genres fall, so it is that Bye displays a broad range of sounds on a set of songs that only could have come from someone who has lived them.

--Greg Debonne, The MusicManor
All lyrical excerpts © 2007 She Wolf Publishing (ASCAP)

As always, peace & mysteries...

imageFebruary 3, 2008
Glasswerk National
Written by Ant Standring

Uber Alles California! Jen Bye (JB) is a godsend with the voice of an impish cherub with a tiny chip on her shoulder. She plays piano and guitar with an ease that astounds and perfectly suits her calm vocals.

JB is an opinionated Lisa Loeb lookalike of a woman reflecting on her crazy environment that is her life... apparently. Delivering her conflicting tales of loathing and loving, her trial and triumph enduring soul is exposed with a syrupy smugness not heard since our dear old Alanis Morissette (who coincidentally (?) swears like a sailor too) hit the scene.

So there you have it, a fantastic set of songs that resound oh so many great bands and female vocalists before her that it's practically impossible to find anything disappointing amidst her music. Bravo JB!

**Excerpts. Full Review available here

As always, peace & mysteries...

The Music Connection Magazine Club Review, Vol. XXVII, 03/03/03

January 19, 2003
Viper Room
West Hollywood
Jen Bye: Hard-hitting pop that isn’t afraid to rock.

Photo By: Deana Segretario


The Players: Jen Bye, vocals, acoustic guitar; Michael McCarthy, guitar; Jason Chesney, bass; Jim Loftus, drums; Raven Wylder, backup vocals; Chase, backup vocals.

Material: Edgy and assertive, Jen Bye tackles the grittier side of pop-rock. Showcasing a keen sense of dynamics, her act weaves an absorbing whisper-to-racket mix. Big build-ups and bigger choruses fit in nicely with the band’s soaring vocals. And Bye delivers “rules don’t apply to me” phrases with enough conviction to make them work. Echoes of Aimee Mann aside, Bye’s talents shine through in her lyrical honesty, solid vocals and eclectic songwriting.

Musicianship: Effortless in its proficiency, the sextet gels together impressively. Leading the attack is McCarthy on guitar, whose ear-grabbing fretwork is worthy of any solo-time devoted to it. Also noteworthy is the groovy low-end provided by Chesney’s bass. At the forefront, however, are the act’s vocals. With the courage to fly a cappella on occasion, Bye confidently hits on all points. But it is when her backup vocalists kick in that the trio’s melodies are something to behold.

Performance: With the first chord it was evident Bye and company had more bite to their pop than most. Unpretentious and loose, the six-piece consistently surprised the Sunday night crowd with technical skill and intriguing song arrangements. At the head was Bye, a crimson-haired songster unafraid to display a range of emotion that went beyond simple angst. To drive it home, she and her bandmates ended their set with a blasting cover of Ozzy’s “Crazy Train” that left everyone cheering for more.

Summary: Jen Bye delivers hard-hitting pop that isn’t afraid to rock. Confronting topics such as personal liberation and conformity, Bye’s lyrics cover a wide spectrum of emotions. And when presented by the singer’s stirring voice, they are made all the more evocative. With a continuing knack for penning original song structures, and continued improvement in an already masterful ensemble, there’s no reason for the industry not to take note of an engaging, at times fiery, act like this one.

—Albert Vega


© 2004 jen bye


As always, peace & mysteries...

The Music Connection Magazine Review of Jen's CD, Vol. XXVI, 11/11/02

"A bright and lively pop-rock sound nicely laced with assorted organ textures seduces us on this demo, especially when topped off by the appealing vocals of this performer, who’s a blend of various artists, including PJ Harvey and Alanis M. (on the defiant, wordy workout, “Freckle-Faced Girl”). What’s also impressive is her lyrics’ striking imagery, especially on the tune “Bloody Fingers.” Based on the popcraft of this well-produced demo, we feel that industry, including Publishers and Music Supervisers, will want to say hello to Bye."


As always, peace & mysteries...