Jen Bye is a godsend with the voice of an impish cherub with a tiny chip on her shoulder.
- Ant Standring, Glasswerk UK

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Less Than Perfect For This World by Jen Bye

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Less Than Perfect For This World
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Less Than Perfect For This World by Jen Bye

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"jen bye"
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jen bye
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The magic fairies came through! "Higher (The Morris & Young Sessions Vol. I)" is now live on CDBaby for $9.99... Please check it out!

The third solo release following up "Less Than Perfect For This World" and "jen bye", "Higher" represents a first time collaboration with friends and songwriters Wenty Morris & D.A. Young.

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What are people saying about jen’s music?

"A truly incredible talented writer, singer and artist, is the best way to describe Jen Bye."
- Gael Digital Media

“We hear thousands of songs and CDs and it's rare to come across as compelling an album that demands as much time to listen.This is a complete work - with a satisfying and substantial window into Bye's artistry and attitudes. The self-incrimination, surviving self-esteem, & genuine appreciation of life that is woven through all the lyrical lines & music are an artistic time capsule & one that should be opened again & again."

“What makes Bye’s new record powerful are the places she takes the listener; places of different vantage points from which and within the audience can feel the songs. Sometimes you’re taken back into the past as though it’s in the thick of a painful present. Sometimes the feeling is retrospective like an old faded photograph in the mind that never seems to fully decay. All of it’s real and none of it is.” ~Greg Debonne,

“Jen Bye delivers hard-hitting pop that isn't afraid to rock. Confronting topics such as personal liberation and conformity, Bye's lyrics cover a wide spectrum of emotions. And when presented by the singer's stirring voice, they are made all the more evocative. With a continuing knack for penning original song structures & continued improvement in an already masterful ensemble, there's no reason for the industry not to take note of an engaging, at times fiery, act like this one.” ~Albert Vega, Music Connection Magazine

"Uber Alles California! Jen Bye (JB) is a godsend with the voice of an impish cherub with a tiny chip on her shoulder. She plays piano and guitar with an ease that astounds and perfectly suits her calm vocals...
Delivering her conflicting tales of loathing and loving, her trial and triumph enduring soul is exposed with a syrupy smugness not heard since our dear old Alanis Morissette (who coincidentally (?) swears like a sailor too) hit the scene.
...a fantastic set of songs that resound oh so many great bands and female vocalists before her that it's practically impossible to find anything disappointing amidst her music. Bravo JB!"
- Ant Standring, Glasswerk UK